Columbia delegate prepares for the Democratic National Convention

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PHILADELPHIA - Columbia resident Persephone Dakopolos arrived Sunday in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. Dakopolos was selected at the state convention to serve as a delegate at the national level. 

Dakopolos, founder of the grassroots group, mid-Mo for Bernie, worked intensely in Boone County to get Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders elected. Though Sanders lost to his opponent Hillary Clinton, he is set to speak Monday night at the convention. 

Despite the recent controversy surrounding DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz who is stepping down following leaked emails showing favoritism towards Hillary Clinton over Senator Sanders, Dakopolos said the local democrats were key in her effort to canvas support for Sanders. 

"Their knowledge and experience was crucial to everything we are doing," Dakopolos said. 

In Boone County, there was a roughly 60 percent vote for Sanders during the democratic primaries according to Dakopolos. 

It was Homer Page, chair of the Boone County Democrats, that recommended Dakopolos to represent the county at the state level as a Sanders delegate. There she campaigned  to earn the position at the national level. 

While at the core she is still a Sanders supporter, Dakopolos said she puts party alegiance above candidate preference. "We're stronger when we stand together and if we can make some changes that we can all come to some kind of agreement and cooperate with one another we are going to have a stronger, more inclusive party at the end of this," Dakopolos said.  

Dakopolos also expressed excitement over MU alumnus, Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton's choice for Vice President. 

"It's a boost for Mizzou, its an honor that someone from mid-Missouri...he was originally from Kansas but from people and places we know and love in Columbia and that's really cool," Dakopolos said. 

Dakopolos said her days will be filled with caucuses, meetings and informal gatherings which she is looking forward to. 

"At this convention, as far as I know and as far as Homer Page knows, we've never had so many representatives of mid-Missouri here at the national convention," Dakopolos said.