Columbia Discusses Future Providence Road Construction

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission met Tuesday evening to discuss future roadwork on Providence Road that could demolish eight homes.

The homes in question are on the west side of Providence Road between Stadium Boulevard and Turner Avenue. They're right across from the fraternity and sorority houses on the east side of Providence. The commission discussed alternate proposals it will present at Thursday's public hearing regarding the road improvements. Vice-Chair Brent Gardner said the homes are all more than 50 years old and give a classic feel to the neighborhood.

"I think it's a really important facade, maybe not individual houses, but it's important as the face of the neighborhood," Gardner said.

Gardner said the Historic Preservation Commission will present alternative proposals Thursday that are equally effective as the current initial plans as far as improving traffic flow while keeping as many of the historic homes intact as possible.

"We feel like our plan accomplishes everything the other plan does," Gardner said. "But it does it without knocking over the homes and it does it millions of dollars cheaper."

The Historic Preservation Commission will conduct the public hearing Thursday evening at 7 pm in the council chambers of Columbia City Hall.