Columbia doctor gives allergy tips, suggestions

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COLUMBIA - While springtime brings sunshine and blossoming flowers, it also brings allergies for many people. 

Jason Zerrer, M.D. gave KOMU 8 some tips on how people can lessen their symptoms. 

He said keeping the windows shut, even when it is nice out, can help to keep allergens out of your house. He also suggests people shower and change clothes after coming in from spending time outside. This will wash the allergens off of your hair and body. Frequent hand washing is also beneficial. 

He said for some people, over-the-counter medications such as Claritin and Allegra on a daily basis will provide relief. He recommends people try nasal washes as well.

"Actually a Columbia doctor invented Nasopure, which I like, I think it is a very effective system," Zerrer said. "It rinses out the allergens and rinses out the nasal passages, which is where they trigger things." 

Zerrer said he likes to suggest Allegra but said there is a large selection of over-the-counter medications that people can try to see what works best for them. For more extreme cases, he suggested people see their primary care doctor for possible prescription options or referral to an allergy specialist. 

Columbia residents had various opinions on which medications work best. One resident said she likes to take Claritin daily and also uses a nasal wash. Another resident said he prefers to just take Benadryl during flare ups. 

Zerrer said thus far he has not seen a large amount of patients for allergy related problems because the weather has just started warming up, but he expects that number to increase drastically over the next few weeks. 

For more tips on how to get relief this allergy season, go to the Mayo Clinic website