Columbia Drivers Concerned About Blurred Lines

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COLUMBIA - Some drivers say faded stripes on Columbia's roadways make it hard to see which lane they're in.

"Columbia is probably one of the most stressful places I've ever driven in to be completely honest with you, compared to any other cities I've been in," Kolby Murray said.

The Public Works Department's Street Division continued its bi-annual road striping Thursday.

Columbia's Traffic Engineering Supervisor Richard Stone said it's natural for lines to fade away after a certain amount of time.

Stone said the city uses retro-reflective paint to stripe the roads, which produces a glow for drivers at night.

"Sometimes on concrete streets, it really is more difficult to see the striping," Stone said. "The retro-reflective paint uses a spherical glass bead that's inside the paint and when the light hits that, it bounces off."

However, some drivers said they are not happy with the department's progress.

"I've actually almost gotten hit a couple of times because I had trouble finding the lane," Murray said. "You just have to watch other cars the whole time."

Another driver, William Lews, said he does not notice a difference after the re-striping, but he does notice something else.

"At night time, the stickers actually help a lot than just having faded paint because they reflect a lot," Lews said. "But they just need to work faster and go ahead and paint it."

The department striped Rangeline St. from Old U.S 63 and Wilkes Blvd., as well as a part of Rangeline St. and Rogers St. Thursday.

"They can contact us if they have concerns. It's something they can always do," Stone said. "We're using the best technology that we have available for the money we have for striping. We do the best we can."