Columbia drivers see big drop in gas prices

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COLUMBIA - Drivers noticed a big drop in prices at the pump Tuesday morning after several days of falling prices. According to research from, the average price of gas in Columbia Tuesday was 48 cents lower than five weeks ago. The drop is the third largest five week drop in five years in Columbia. The average gas price in Columbia was $3.08 per gallon Tuesday. 

Columbia drivers took advantage of the lower prices, with lines at gas stations throughout town during the lunch hour.

"Well, it's wonderful. I've been kind of watching the signs and was excited when it got below $3.20 for the first time in forever," driver Sharon Weedin said. 

"I was shocked on the way to work this morning. I saw somewhere it was like $2.99. I haven't seen it start with two dollars in a long time," Candace Gatson said. 

Some drivers said they think the drop, even if temporary, could save them quite a bit at the pump in the long run. 

"I fill up like every single week, so definitely, I think it adds up to twenty, forty dollars when you fill up a lot," Gatson said. 

Some areas of Columbia may have seen an even bigger drop, with some prices dropping below three dollars as of Tuesday morning. Some areas have since seen increases in prices, with some stations back up to $3.29 Tuesday afternoon. 

According to, the lowest price per gallon for regular gas was $2.96 Tuesday while the highest was $3.29.