Columbia elects Ruffin to competative first ward seat

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COLUMIBA - Clyde Ruffin will take over the first ward city council seat to replace Ginny Chadwick. 

Ruffin finished with 24 percent of the vote. The next highest vote winner, Rob Stewart, finished with just under 17 percent of the vote. 

"It'll be a lot of work, but I'm up for the challenge," Ruffin said. 

Ruffin said he chose to run after he recognized a lack of diversity in the representation for Columbia's first ward. 

"I look forward to representing all the constituencies of the first ward," Ruffin said. 

Ruffin said his first act as councilmember, even before being sworn in, is to be more visible in his ward. 

Ruffin said the election process has been a humbling experience. 

"I've met and talked to so many people that believe I can make a difference in the first ward, and I'm determined to do so."