Columbia Encourages Residents to Recycle Rain

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works is encouraging residents to start recycling rain. The city started taking orders for rain barrels April 1. The barrells collect water runoff from your roof instead of flowing into the street. It's a method of recycling rain.

The city said harvesting rain protects rivers, streams, and ponds from runoff pollution and collecting can reduce pollution and water bills.

"Rain barrels are really great for people who want to conserve a little water that would normally just run straight into the streams and be lost after rainfall," Public Information Specalist Steven Sapp said. 

Barrels are available to everyone in mid-Missouri and can be installed in 10 minutes. 

"They are extremely easy to intall each rain barrel comes with a kit that has very clear instructions with it," Sapp said.

Harvested water can be collected for drinking or used on landscaping and gardens. Rain barrels can be ordered online and will be availible for pickup June 6.