Columbia Fans React to Tiger's Loss

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COLUMBIA - Watch parties were held all over the nation on Saturday during the Missouri and Auburn SEC Championship game.

In Columbia, many students and alumni came together to support their prized Missouri Tigers. Harpo's Bar and Grill in downtown Columbia saw fans in the hundreds come out for the title game.

The atmosphere inside the bar was electric with fans screaming, booing and rejoicing throughout the match up.

"Ah, it's wonderful. I don't think you could get much better of a college environment up here than this. It's great," said Max Horvath, MU student.

During the clash of the Missouri Tigers and Auburn Tigers, fans were excited about what a Missouri win could mean for the football program.

"Everyone's not going to look over us as much. They're going to recognize us for who we truly are. I think we're going to gain some respect out of all of this," said Kristen Dulle, MU student.

Once Auburn began to steal the lead, fans started to get visably emotional. The crowds slowly dwindled with four minutes left in the game.  

The Missouri Tigers eventually succumbed to the Auburn Tigers, 59-42.