Columbia Fixes One Levee and Awaits Permit to Repair Another

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MCBAINE - City officials are waiting to receive a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers before they can begin repairs on a levee that will block incoming flood waters from the Missouri River.

Late last night a primary levee was fixed after three days of construction. That levee, along the Perche Creek, will help protect about 25000 acres of private farmland.Contractors moved the the 300 foot stretch levee back about 30 feet from where it was previously.

A secondary levee, along the Missouri River, has slowly washed away over the past three weeks, and now about half of it is gone. But the city cannot begin repair on this part of the levee until they receive a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. McBaine Levee District president John Williamson said that process could take up to eight months, time they don't have.

Columbia Water and Light said the Columbia Water Treatment Plant is preparing for the floods. The department says past floods in 1993 and 1995 taught valuable lessons in distaster prep. All fifteen of the city's wells are in the paths of the floods and protected by the levees. City officials said they will have continued access to those wells and citizens should not be worried about water contamination.