Columbia game companies showcase new games at launch party

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COLUMBIA - For local game creators, getting the word out about new games can be a challenge. 

A new Columbia company, Hybrid Vigor Studios, hosted a launch party Thursday to showcase its new games and the games of Brass Engine Productions, another Columbia game company.

One of the founders of Hybrid Vigor Studios, Aleksei Koji, said the inspiration for starting the company came back in January when Koji, along with other gamers, realized there was a lack of resources for game developers.

"So in a way we're learning the ropes as we're developing our first few games, and then we're going to try to expand and offer resources to all sorts of game developers," Koji said.

Ben Watkins, owner of Brass Engine Productions, said events like the one held Thursday help small game companies reach consumers.

"We try to go to local events like this one here, we go to conventions like Comic-Con, we go to gaming conventions, to find you know the audience we're looking for very directly," Watkins said.

Both Hybrid Vigor Studios and Brass Engine Productions have games ready to be published.

Hybrid Vigor Studios hoped to have a Kickstarter campaign for its board game, Cthulhu Beckons, by the end of the summer. 

Brass Engine Productions is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for its game, Materia, on July 10.