Columbia Golfer Reflects on Career and U.S. Open

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COLUMBIA - The 113th U.S. Open ended Sunday at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania. The club hosted its first U.S. Open since 1981 when Al Chandler of Columbia participated in the event.  

Chandler began playing golf at an early age and the sport turned into a career.

"I guess it's more of a career, making a living as far as being a favorite it's a job," said Chandler. "Just like your job, but it's a job that grabs you when you're young and doesn't let go of you until you're this age."

Chandler played in eight U.S. Opens from 1966 to 1981 and took on legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

"It's just a dream, they're at a certain level and you're at this level and they're at that level," said Chandler. 

Chandler said playing with these legends was something  he grew accustomed to.

"So you move up for a week, but other than the US Opens I played with them on a regualr basis for five years when I played on the senior tour," said Chandler. "So by then it became a question of playing with them every week. It was no different than going to any office and seeing the same people at the office that week."

Chandler reflected on his performance in the 1981 U.S. Open.

"I did not play very well at Merion nor did I play very well the week after," said Chandler. "I will try to remember the hole, I''ll try to remember where I put it and why did I double bogey that hole, doesn't seem so hard here watching television. How come I double bogeyed it when I was there?"