Columbia Grocery Stores Might Not Be Bagging Self-Checkout Lanes

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COLUMBIA - A new study shows supermarkets nationwide are getting rid of their self-checkout machines but that's not the case in Columbia.  Schnucks' store manager said they currently have no plans of bagging their self-checkout machines.

According to the Associated Press, studies show shoppers prefer checking out with a cashier rather than using the self-checkout lanes. But Schnucks manager Bill Chrisco, said many of the store's customers still use the do-it-yourself system.

"It has taken off quite rapidly, even long after we installed them," said Chrisco.

"I definitely use them whenever possible. I mean, I don't always like for a cashier to see exactly what I'm buying, so it's nice to have some privacy," said shopper Clare Connealy.

Connealy said she uses the self-checkouts a lot when she has a few items and doesn't feel like waiting in line.

But not everyone agrees with Connealy. Cashier Tom Oleski said he thinks Schnuck's customers deserve the friendly customer service.  He also said the self-checkouts take away jobs from store employees.

"To me, they're so impersonal," said Oleski.

Customer Rhonda Evans said she finds the self-checkouts very inconvenient for elderly people.

"I work with seniors," said Evans. "Seniors like the interaction. I just feel that when I come to a grocery store, I should get the service."

Gerbes and Schnucks locations in Columbia currently have the self-checkout options available.