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COLUMBIA — The Voluntary Action Center is searching for 100 more volunteers to sponsor families this holiday season. 

VAC's Holiday Program helps support nearly 1,000 families each holiday season. 

Sponsors in the program buy food, toys and household supplies for struggling families, based on the individual family's need. 

Nick Foster, VAC executive director, said the program helps families that wouldn't normally be able to buy their kids gifts for the holidays, because they are already living paycheck to paycheck in some cases. 

"This fills that gap and helps those people kind of get over that hump of providing for their children for the holidays," Foster said. 

He said the program is a very fulfilling experience for sponsors. 

"Our sponsors tell us that they really enjoy this," Foster said. "For a lot of them this is kind of the way they celebrate the holiday. They love going out and shopping and imagining what it's going to be like for those families when they open their gifts.