Columbia gyms prepare for New Year's rush

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COLUMBIA - It's almost that time to make a New Year's resolution. According to a recent study from Red Bull, the number one resolution is weight loss.

Residents in Columbia have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a gym to work out. Several different gyms have opened up in the past few years and many of them have a specialty or theme.

One fitness trend that has grown in popularity in Mid-Missouri is CrossFit. There are now three CrossFit gyms in Columbia. CrossFit workouts focuses on functional fitness, or improving how a person performs daily tasks. CrossFit classes are typically one hour long and different every day. 

Head trainer at CrossFit COMO in Columbia, Doug Oberbeck said the goal of crossfit is to increase a person's overall fitness.

"We mix weight lifting with gymnastics movements and then with cardiovascular movements so we're doing things with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls for the weightlifting part of it but then a lot of things with our own bodies," he said.

Another fitness program that's an option for Columbia residents is called Pure Barre. This ballet based workout aims to tone and lengthen muscles. This workout is good for someone who wants to build a feminine physique.

Co-owner of Pure Barre in Columbia, Lauren Matteson said it is a full body workout and combines strengthening and stretching exercises.

"It's just very small isometric movements so you're isolating certain muscle groups and working them to fatigue and then we stretch everything back out that's how we create the long lean muscles. That is the goal of pure barre," she said.

Matteson said some clients see results after attending 10 pure barre classes.

If you're searching for a challenge mixed with a little performing, pole fitness provides an innovative way to contour, or change, the body. This pole based workout is designed to build overall body strength. Owner of Muse Pole Fitness, Jordan Maizer said she opened this type of gym in Columbia because there was nothing like it around and she believed in the health benefits.

"You have pilates and yoga elements in it, a lot of fun sassy stuff as well and then you get to the poles, you do some strength training, you learn some basic spins, you'll get to climb the poles, and then as you advance you learn a lot of inverted things so you're arms are pulling you up, your abs are lifting you above your head, your legs are holding on to the pole, so you're working everything," Mazier said.

Some other gyms in the area feature workouts such as boxing, yoga, or dance.