Columbia high school senior hosts art show for global water crisis

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COLUMBIA – A local high school student hosted an art show to raise awareness for the global water crisis.

Megan Goyette, a senior at Rock Bridge High School, created the art show. Goyette was inspired by her trips to Guatemala and Peru. 

"I've seen the effects of the water over there," Goyette said. "A lot of times they get their water from the mountains, and it's actually really gross and muddy. There's often a lot of bacteria and pathogens in there, and they a lot of times cannot afford a filter or they don't know that the water is bad for them. The lack of education is super detrimental to their health."

Jeffrey Moore, manager at Grindstone Studio, helped organize the event. Moore said he likes working with young artists. 

"I love learning, I love teaching, and I do love the arts," Moore said. "I like working with kids because they still dream big." 

The show featured artwork by middle and high school students. Goyette reached out to art teachers across the Columbia School District to ensure a variety of art could be displayed. 

"I really think prompting people to think about what's going on," Goyette said. "And what's happening is honestly the most impactful thing."

The pieces will remain at the Balsamo Warehouse in the North Village Art District until the First Friday event in December.