Columbia Holds V-Day Dance Against Violence

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COLUMBIA - Around 50 people showed up at Columbia Rising V-Day Dance in the Stephen's Lake Park Reichmann Pavilion Thursday night to celebrate the lives of women against gender violence. 

Columbia joined the worldwide One Billion Rising movement, and held a series of events around Valentine's Day. This was the first time the organization held a dance party.

"The idea is that, at least or more than one billion people today have in some ways rose up, stood up, spoke out, danced, gathered, saying we no longer want gender violence to be a marginalized issue," said Victoria Day, one of the event organizers. 

Admission was free, but organizers collected donations that will go to the Columbia True North Shelter. The sponsors were Columbia NOW, Mid-Missouri Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Victoria Day, and Occupy COMO.

About half of the people who showed up were males. Evan Prost, who donated $20 at the event, said it was meaningful, especially to have it on Valentine's Day.

"Love shouldn't hurt. Love should always be care and affection, and shouldn't be power over anyone. That's the message," Prost said.

Go to the website for more One Billion Rising information.

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