Columbia holiday shoppers hit the stores for last minute items

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COLUMBIA - The National Retail Federation found more people waited until after December 9 to complete their holiday shopping list.

Its final consumer holiday spending survey was conducted December 1- 9. It found the average holiday shopper has completed 53.5 percent of his or her shopping at this time. Approximately 10 percent of shoppers said they were finished, which is 22.6 million people. That leaves 90 percent of holiday shoppers who waited to complete their list until after December 9.

KOMU 8 News talked to last minute shoppers today to see what people still needed to get crossed off their lists.

“I’m just out doing my last minute grocery shopping to get a couple of things I decided I really wanted, like a different kind of pie and a little bit of salad,” Glenda Moum said. “Nothing is wrapped, so it might be an all-nighter tonight.”

Emik Zare had just finished up her holiday shopping with her family at Lucky’s Market in Columbia.

“I think we are done for holiday shopping,” Zare said. “I think the only thing left is to buy good groceries and have a good holiday with the family.”

Linda Filluock was thinking proactively as she bought some last minute things at Walgreens.

“I am buying a newspaper because I want all the ads for the after-Christmas sales,” Filluock said.

Filluock said Walgreens was a little crowded for her liking. 

“The waits are a little long, but everyone is being nice and patient,” Filluock said.