Columbia Homicide Victim's Mother Speaks to Mayor's Task Force

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COLUMBIA - Citizens who were directly involved or affected by crime were invited to the Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence meeting Wednesday night. 

Two Columbia citizens were on the agenda to speak but only one, Winona Broadus, was able to come.

Broadus's son Brandon Coleman was killed by Dustin Deacon last May. The incident was ruled as "legally justified" under the state defense laws. Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight said Deacon was defending his father when he shot Coleman.

The Coleman shooting was reviewed by the FBI for racial issues. 

Broadus came to the task force to speak on behalf of her son and to explain how she thought the criminal investigation was not handled correctly. 

Broadus told the force she felt very disrespected throughout the whole situation and was continually not informed by the police. 

"I want them to take away from this that no matter what our differences are this is a very diverse community and people are different but that doesn't mean that anybody is superior or inferior," Broadus said. 

Broadus wants something positive to come out of her son's death, which is why she is reaching out to the force.

"I just wanted to be a part of the solution to finding some sort of resolution to the violence and senseless deaths that are occurring here in Columbia," Broadus said. 

Task force member Pamela Hardin said maybe some more diversity training could help the police and community better understand one another.