Columbia Hoopsters

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COLUMBIA -- Marcus Whitt, and Aqua Corpening. "She was on the girl's team, I was on the basketball team."The two faces of Hickman basketball in 2011. "You know, I was all-state and all-district in high school." Each left home to keep on playing.

Marcus Whitt shared, "At Tennessee State, I just wanted to go to school. So it was somewhere that I could have had a chance to walk on." Aqua Corpening told us, "I got up at Truman, you know, and had fun with the team." But each suddenly found something was missing. "It wasn't family and it wasn't home." "hat's the one thing I was missing down in Tennessee was the chance to play, so..."

The lights began to dim on a career. "... And not doing it down there, it was just hurting, so." So this might have been a prank by a teammate, but the reality still stung. "I never thought I was going to play basketball again, to be honest with you."

Whitt and Corpening never quite fit in at Tennessee State and Truman State. So each came back home, once again playing at the same program, here at Columbia College.

Columbia College's men's head coach, Bob Burchard, said, "They kind of recruited us, you know, to come back and give him an opportunity." Women's coach Mike Davis explained, "er dad gave us a call and said she was looking to leave, and I thought it was a great fit for us. She was definitely someone we would have loved to have had to begin with."

Once settled in at home, each's past success began to carry over. "She's had some great moments, in her last ball-game, really instrumental. I think she had five three-pointers." The two are aiming to take a second program by storm. "It'd be great to be an all-american here at Columbia College, you know, and for Marcus, the same."

...even if they couldn't have planned it that way.