Columbia Housing Authority Meets for Affordable Housing Initiative

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Housing Authority held a meeting Thursday evening to get the community's input on the Affordable Housing Initiative.

The plan is to add two complexes on the corner of Garth Avenue and Sexton Road. The main families for this development are in the 30 to 60 percent low income bracket. The development will fill community needs such as one bedroom apartments and housing with supportive services.

"There is a dire need for affordable housing in Columbia, not only because of a growing population but long wait lines for other types of housing," said Phil Steinhaus of the Columbia Housing Authority.

"Despite some negatives of construction the positives will far outweigh that for new housing," said Robert Moses, a community resident. Other neighbors at the meeting agreed that this would help out the community.

The construction is set to begin in August of 2014, and completion of the complexes is expected in August of 2015.