Columbia Imagined

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COLUMBIA - The new development plan designed to help map the future growth of the city will meet Wednesday night for the final time to offer ideas.

Wednesday's meeting is the last for the fourth and final phase of the project. The development plan, called "Columbia Imagine," calls this session "Where are we Headed?" It deals with 35 goals and objectives chosen from more than 500 that were suggested by more than 300 people in the previous phases.

The 35 goals are split into seven sections and five goals per section. The sections include:

  • Land Use/Growth Management
  • Liveable and Sustainable Community
  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental Management
  • Economic Development
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation
  • Mobility, Connectivity and Accessibility

People who attend the meeting will have the ability to vote in a live-action poll on each of the seven sections. People will be able to say whether the each idea is good and ready to implement, needs work, or needs to be completely scrapped and reworked.