Columbia Imagined Meets For Phase Four Summary Meeting

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Imagined held phase four of its summary meeting Wednesday evening to review and vote on the 35 goals for Columbia's future. More than 300 residents gave their input on phase four's main question "Where are we headed?" The committee collected nearly 500 goals before narrowing it down to the current 35.

About 30 people showed up for the meeting and each participant was given a clicker to vote on some of the goals that were presented.

The voting responses ranged from: "on the right track," "needs tweaking," and "go back to the drawing board."

One of the goals outlined in the meeting include turning the city into a completely accessible community by using "universal design" standards.

93% of those who voted agreed that this goal was on the right track. 7% felt that the goal needed tweaking.

Tim Teddy, Columbia Community Development Director said the goals also include increasing density in central city area. He said the increasing numbers of students apartments around downtown and business growth in the Central Area of Columbia is a trend that they see over the past years. 

Another goal that was outlined was neighborhood conservation.

"People generally like their neighborhoods the way they are, maybe with some improvements to the level of services, improvements to a particular aspects of their neighborhood and not necessarily a make over," Teddy said.

The voting results from Wednesday's meeting will be posted on Columbia Imagined's website on Thursday morning. The public can also vote on these goals on their website. These goals will be used in preparing the written draft of Columbia Imagined, due to be released for public review in September 2012.