Columbia Imagined Outlines Timeline

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Imagined met Thursday with the Columbia's Planning and Zoning Commission. The group summarized the observations from the June 6 and June 19 meetings. The group has been gathering input from residents about how they'd like to see Columbia's grow.

Some of the concepts discussed include increasing density in both the downtown and in the broader Columbia area and enhancing Columbia's transportation system.

Patrick Zenner, the Development Services Manager for the City of Columbia said the team will draft a written proposal this Summer. 

"At the end of October, the proposal will be released to the public," said Zenner.

With the public feedback, further revisions will be made and the revised proposal will be released in the middle of December 2012. The final draft will then be distributed at the beginning of 2013. Any ideas or plans in the proposal will start in July 2013 at the earliest.