Columbia in need of school bus drivers, hosts hiring event

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COLUMBIA - Student Transportation of America and Columbia Public Schools are in need of drivers.

They held an event Friday morning at Hickman High School for people who wanted to apply for their drivers' positions.

Raechel Baker is part of the Student Transportation of America. She said they won't be able to work properly if they don't hire more drivers. 

"Our buses are full with the children," Baker said. "I don't know where we're supposed to put more children, which is causing them to get home later, is causing us to not please our customer who is the school and the parent."

The lack of drivers is also causing them to get to the bus stops later, keeping the children waiting for longer.

"In bad weather, heat," Baker said. "You know there's just no need for that."

Safety and training supervisor Matthew Glazener said anyone could be a bus driver.

"We want to have people behind the wheel of a bus to show them that everyone can drive a bus," Glazener said.

Glazener said this is an important issue because they would like to send the children home in "a timely fashion."

He said the kids and the driver's safety is more important than anything else.

"Having enough drivers is very critical," said Glazener.

The position is part-time, but anyone can work their way up.

Baker said it's a good way to make money and still have time to do other things throughout the day, since drivers only work five hours a day.

The starting pay is $14.45 and is scheduled to go up to $14.60 on August. STA will also pay for training and for anyone who needs to get their commercial drivers license.

If you want to apply for this job, you can go to 3511 Clark Lane.