Columbia Increases Renewable Energy Goals

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia City Council voted Monday night to increase its goal to generate or purchase electricity from renewable energy sources. The new goal is for 15 percent of electric retail sales to come from renewable energy by 2017, and for 25 percent to come from electric retail sales by 2022. The previous goals were 10 percent and 15 percent, respectively. 

The amended ordinance also calls for 30 percent of electric sales to come from renewable sources by 2028.

Connie Kacprowicz, utility services specialist from Columbia Water and Light, said in 2013, 7 percent of the city's electric supply came from renewable resources. She said consumers shouldn't notice much of a change.

"It won't be necessarily a change from the consumer side of things," Kacprowicz said. "It's just more on the utility side where that supply is coming from."

Kacprowicz said the goals come with a price cap so that rates cannot rise more than 3 percent for utility payments because of the changes. 

She said in 2012 the city came under that cost cap, and did not see a rate increase as a result of the renewable energy profile. The numbers for 2014 should be in by February.

For more information on the city's energy profile, you can view the Water and Light Renewable Energy Profile.