Columbia lawyer partnering with taxi company to get people home safe on NYE

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COLUMBIA- The Law Office of Mike Campbell is partnering with Taxi Terry for a New Years Eve initiative aimed at encouraging smart transportation decisions.

The initiative is called "Helping Columbia Residents Get Home Safe in 2017".

The law office has partnered with Taxi Terry's to provide gift certificates to 25 individuals who pledge to designate a sober driver or seek an alternative way home on New Years Eve.

Missouri was ranked in the top 10 for drunk driving in 2014. 

Campbell said he sees the results of drunk driving at his law firm, and that is why he has chosen to help.

This will be the second year that he has run this iniative. 

Campbell is giving out $15 Taxi Terry giftcards to those who make the pledge.

His hope is that his office "can reach even more Columbia residents this year and help drive alcohol-related crash statistics as low as possible. In turn, everyone can have a joyous, happy, and safe start to 2017."

Campbell told KOMU "This is my home, my family and friends live here, and if I can lend a helping hand, thats what I will do".

The vice president of Taxi Terrys, Angie Nickerson, said she suppoerts the initiative completely.

"Anytime somebody wants to reach out and offer rides for free for people here in Columbia, or anywhere, thats something we are going to jump on board withbecuase we want to promote that every day, not just one New Years Eve".  

If you wish to pledge, fill out this form, and Campbell's office will contact the first 25 people.