Columbia Macy's closes, city hopes to fill building quickly

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COLUMBIA - It was an end of an era Sunday after the Columbia Macy's closed its doors for good.

Macy's announced in early January it would close 36 stores nationwide this year. The store at the Shoppes at Stadium was one of them.

"It is a great loss to [Columbia], not only to jobs but also the sales tax revenue that goes to the community from it," Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Matt McCormick said.

The 140,000 square foot store employed 81 associates. 

"It will be an impact on the community so we what we hope is that we have another retailer that comes in fairly soon that occupies the space and starts working towards rebuilding that area," McCormick said.

As part of the Shoppes at Stadium, Macy's was part of a special tax district called the Transportation Development District. Customers who shopped at the Macy's - and in the area - paid an extra 1 percent in sales tax.

"It's very similar when you shop downtown, there is a Columbia Improvement District Tax. So it is the same type of set up and they can use that money for beautification and for roadways," McCormick said.

The front of the store now has signs that direct customers to a Macy's in St. Louis.

For now, the building is vacant.

"It is a large building and we'd hate to see it vacated for very long. All the stores there do great in that area," McCormick said. "Since it is such an active area, we don't suspect we will have any problems with suspicious activity. It is very well patrolled."

Many people KOMU 8 News spoke with Monday were surprised to see the store closed.

"I'm disappointed that I drove over earlier before work to get some bargains. I obviously waited too long but I was caught off guard to see it close so soon," said Columbia resident Tim McCulloch.

Jeff Burgess frequents Columbia every month from out of town and said he is disappointed Macy's left.

"If your community supports the store, then the store should support the community. Don't make your money and then when your people have been here for years, disappoint them by leaving them without jobs," Burgess said.

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce could not comment on if any new stores are planning on taking over the area.

The Columbia Macy's opened its doors in 2003.