Columbia Makes Plans for Preservation Grant

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission announced Thursday night that two contractors will compete for the HPC Grant. The two company's names have not been announced though.

"We'll closely look at those qualifications, and make a recommendation to the city's purchasing department," Historic Preservation Chairman Brice Treece said. "They'll negotiate with that particular vendor and hopefully choose someone that's familiar in historic preservation."

The city received the grant on December 30, 2010. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources gave a grant to the city's historic preservation commission to do a study on the "Economic Development Impact of Historic Preservation in Columbia, Mo." The state's recognizing Columbia for having such a program.

The state will fund about $12,000 of the projected costs. The commission asked the city to help them with the other $8,000 worth. The commission expects to have a contractor named by November.