Columbia man attacked with ax

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia man said he was attacked with an ax on the porch of his home late Wednesday night. Jim Cassity said, after a struggle, the man said he wanted police to kill him. It happened on West Rollins Road near Fairview Lake.

Cassity said the bizarre encounter started when he went to his front door because his dog was barking. Cassity said he saw the man on his porch and went out to confront him.

Cassity said he fought back with a flashlight when the man attacked him with the ax and the two went rolling down some concrete steps.

Cassity said he has a few broken ribs and gashes on his shoulder and stomach from the ax.

The attacker apparently told Cassity he lived "two miles" away but didn't give an exact address.

Columbia police spokesman Steve Sapp said, to his knowledge, there is no suspect information.