Columbia Man Upset with City's Work on His Home

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COLUMBIA - Columbia resident John Allen is upset with work done on his home by city contractors.  Allen signed a contract with the city and Ballenger Construction Company.

"The loan covered installing a handicap accessible shower, a wheel chair ramp and the roof," Allen said.

Originally Allen took out a loan for $17,000. Now with additional projects being completed in the home, Allen has borrowed nearly $80,000.

Allen said he is dissatisfied and not all the work has been completed.  "The floor was installed incorrectly, the dirt in the back deck was not packed and the cabinets were installed too high."

Allen also said his furniture suffered water damage when the roof was being repaired.

While the roof was being repaired Allen said the city paid for him to stay in a hotel. But when the city stopped paying, his home was still not finished.  "I slept in my car for a week. I just recently borrowed a mattress from a friend. Before that I slept on an air mattress."

He filed a list of complaints with the Columbia Housing Authority who then filed a complaint with the city.

Allen also says he has voiced complaints to Vicki Turner from the Columbia planning and development on numerous occasions, but no action has been taken.  But, Director of Community Development Tim Teddy, said no formal complaints have been filed.

Owner of Ballenger construction, Kelley Ballenger, said all work done on Allen's house are up to standard.  Three inspections on the Allen home all passed.

A final inspection is scheduled to be completed.

Allen said he wants to resolve the issue without going to court, but he will not sign a contract to increase his loan.