Columbia Mayor Suspects Airport Solution Soon

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid couldn't say much except "soon" regarding a solution for the dilemma between the Columbia Regional Airport and Delta Airlines Thursday night.

Currently, Delta Airlines sent a letter to McDavid suggesting their departure from Columbia if an agreement isn't met equaling the deal recently given to American Airlines. American Airlines received a $3.3 million revenue guarantee if it provided services to Columbia.

McDavid says the two parties have been talking since receiving the letter.

"We've had some ideas on ways to help the situation for Delta and the City of Columbia," McDavid said. "But right now both sides have some number crunching to do."

McDavid was unable to comment as to when the next meeting will be and or any specific details about plans for Delta, however he did feel time was necessary after being asked about a month time table.

"Given the dynamics of the situation, I feel this will be fixed soon."