Columbia men make lumber out of Jefferson City tornado fallen trees

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COLUMBIA - Two Columbia men are making furniture and lumber out of the debris from the May Jefferson City tornado.

Chris Cady and Carl Orazio have been creating furniture for six years. After the tornado, they said they saw an opportunity to help others clear out their yards from any fallen trees and branches.

Their friend was the first one to ask them to help her clear her yard of debris after the tornado. Later, other people in the community started asking for help.

"It was really impressive to see Jefferson City people coming together," Cady said.

They decided to collect the wood, because otherwise they said it would have been burned.

"The log is simply put into a pile and set on fire," Orazio said.

Orazio said the main point of collecting the wood and turning it into lumber is to help the environment by reusing the material.

"The main goal is really related to forest ecology and wise use of material," Orazio said.

The two men are just doing this as a hobby, but hope to make it more than that in the future.