Columbia money man discusses city's financial future

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COLUMBIA - Friday marked John Blattel's retirement day to end his five-and-a-half-years as Columbia's finance director. Michele Nix will take over Blattel's job as the city's new finance director.

"I expect she'll do a geat job. I've been working with Michele for the last week and we've conferred on things and I expect the citizens not the notice a big transition," Blattel said.

He said the city's finance situation is doing well overall.

"The general fund for the city, the receipts are coming in slightly slow budget, so we are addressing that issue with the city," Blattel said.

He said the Finance Department is monitoring expenditures to make sure the city is maintaining a balanced budget and also said Nix will continue to monitor the expenditures.

"All of the normal utility services will have no affect on because utility services we built for the services as people encore the service and those financial entities are strong," Blattel said.

He said Columbia's economy depends on what the U.S. economy as a whole does.

"We worry about a recession just as the rest of then country worries about the recession," Blattel said.

He said there will be no layoffs, instead, the city would like to get additional positions for the revenue would come in a little higher.

"I would just like to say that I've thoroughly enjoy serving the citizens of Columbia as the Finance Director, and I'm happy to retire at this time," Blattel said.