Columbia music club ranked in top 100

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COLUMBIA - Pollstar Magazine recently released rankings from the first half of 2016 listing the world's busiest music clubs.

The Blue Note ranked 82nd in the world and 72nd in the United States in ticket sales. Most of the other venues were from big cities throughout the U.S. and major cities throughout the country, but Columbia was the smallest market represented.

Matt Gerding, owner of the Blue Note, said he was proud of the honor and said it shows the want for live music in Columbia. One of the ways the Blue Note has drawn larger acts was through the Summerfest Series.

"The Summerfest is great for promoting the arts and it shows nationally that people in Columbia are wanting to see more live music, and we have had really great turnouts for all those shows this summer," Gerding said.

Gerding described the importance behind the history and reputation the building had when he bought the Blue Note from former owner, Richard King.

The building still has some of the old feel to it, but recent renovations in 2014 to the floors and green room along with a new sound system have helped attract bigger names.

"I think news travels through the word of mouth in the music industry. We take some financial risks bringing in big names, but the people want live music and they have responded well and bought a lot of tickets," Gerding said.

The Blue Note's Regional Talent Buyer, Pat Kay, said the renovations were helpful, but marketing and promoting has been a major part of the recent success.

"A big part of what we strive to do here is build on the foundation that Richard King the former owner established here and a lot of that comes through hard work obviously and trying to get national acts that we think the community cares about and is interested in seeing," Kay said.

Kay also said the Blue Note does a great job marketing towards everyone in the community rather than one demographic. The venue tries to bring in shows that appeal to everyone in the community, and Kay believes the marketing and promoting group has done well to bring in diverse acts.