Columbia Named America\'s Hardest-Working Town

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COLUMBIA - Columbia holds a new title Monday as "America's Hardest-Working Town."  Columbia received this superlative Sunday from the nation-wide distributed magazine Parade.

The magazine ranked 25 towns based on four categories: average hours worked per capita, willingness to work during personal time, number of dual income homes and local employment rate.

The magazine noted Columbia's unemployment rate at 6.2 percent compared to Missouri's 7.4 percent and the nation's 8.2 percent.

The magazine staff attributed Columbia's lower employment rate to education and healthcare jobs.  The University of Missouri alone employs around 30,000 people.

Charles Baerwald, an employee of the University of Missouri said he didn't expect for Columbia to rank that well.

"I was surprised.  I work hard and I know a lot of people who work hard, but I didn't imagine this was the hardest working town in the nation or one of them at least."

To view the entire article on Parade's website click here.