Columbia Native a Grammy Nominee

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COLUMBIA -The 55th Annual Grammy Awards go out this Sunday, and a Columbia native hopes to come out a winner.

Lindsey Lang now lives in Kansas City, but is proud of her Columbia roots. It was in the choir room at Hickman High School where Lindsey started dreaming about becoming part of the well-known Kansas City Chorale.  That dream has not only come true, but Lang is reaching goals she had not even dreamed of making.

Lang conducts a choir at the Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village, Kansas. Though about half the members are her elders, Lang demands the attention of the choir with her friendly smile and obvious passion for music. Lang said she developed her love for music at a young age. "I grew up in Columbia and I've been into music for as long as I can remember," Lang said. "My real connection to music began when I was in Hickman High School. My choir director got me really into the Kansas City Chorale. That's when I realized this is the music I want to be doing."

After four years as a Kewpie, Lang got her undergraduate and masters degree in music from the University of Missouri. "Lindsey was a great student and a wonderful talent," said Paul Crabb, Lang's choir director at  MU.

These days, Lang sings in four choirs - including her dream choir, the Kansas City Chorale. "Being in the chorale after being a fan for so long is really exciting," Lang said. Now, Lang has something even bigger to be excited for. The awards show nominated Lang, along with the Kansas City Chorale,for a Grammy in Best Choral Performance.  Lang's husband, Frank Fleschner, is also in the chorale. "It was very surprising when we heard," Fleschner said.

Lang said she is excited to attend the awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Lang has not been doing too much to prepare for the show, but said she hopes to avoid ending up on the worst-dressed list, "I'm just going to wear a black dress."