Columbia Neighborhood Asks for $1 Million from Developer

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COLUMBIA - A board member for the North Central Columbia Neighborhood Association said Wednesday his group is asking the developers of a new downtown student apartment complex to put $1 million into a trust fund to cover anticipated flooding and other problems in the neighborhood caused by the complex. Board member Sean Coder said some areas that might need improvement are the storm drains and transportation in the area. The neighborhood association worries about potential negative effects on the streets and neighborhoods as a result of the increase in traffic.

The developers of the student apartment complex, Jon and Nathan Odle, are requesting rezoning to allow the construction of an additional 120-unit apartment complex on the south side of Walnut, right across the street from the complex now under construction, which is set to open in the fall. 

The issue is on the agenda of the May 10th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, but the neighborhood association has asked that the issue be tabled until a later date.