Columbia Officials Question Habitat for Humanity Bookkeeping

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Community Development Commission told KOMU 8 Thursday it has concerns about Habitat for Humanity's bookkeeping. The commission and Columbia City Council will decide whether or not to grant Habitat $86,000 in Community Housing Development Organization funds.

Randy Cole, the commission's development coordinator, said members have concerns that Show-Me Central Habitat does not have enough employees to properly manage the organization's finances. Bill View, Show-Me Central Habitat's executive director, said one part-time employee helps him manage the books and finances.

View said the commission's questions stem from a misunderstanding at a meeting Wednesday night. The commission asked View if he kept receipts for five years, and View said Habitat only keeps receipts for two years.  View said he misunderstood the question and thought the commission was speaking about all receipts, like utility bills, and not project records. View said he took all his records to the commission Thursday, but the commission has not yet confirmed this.

View said five to ten percent of Habitat's funding comes from the CHDO funds. Last year, it received $75,000.00 and $18,500.00 in 2009.