Columbia Officials to Discuss Future Crime Prevention

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COLUMBIA - Officials will meet tomorrow for an update on the recent shootings and robberies that have occurred so far this month.

City spokesperson Toni Messina said Mayor Bob McDavid, Police Chief Ken Burton, and council members will meet to resolve issues that have caused citizen discomfort.

"We've had some events in Columbia recently that I think really concern a lot of citizens in several neighborhoods," Messina said. "That's involved some shootings and robberies and just some things that really make citizens feel uncomfortable." 

The meeting comes after four shootings in the following areas:

  • 10th and Broadway
  • Lakewood Apartments 
  • Bodie Drive
  • Conley Road
For many residents, these shootings have created tension in and around those areas. 

"Our last citizen survey showed that having a safe community was one of the citizens' top priorities," Messina said. 

So far, two arrests have been made in the Conley shooting. The meeting tomorrow is open for interpretation. 

"I haven't heard everyone's remarks yet," Messina said. 

The meeting will be at 2 p.m. at Columbia City Hall, 701 E. Broadway.