Columbia Organization Reviews Sidewalk Funding

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COLUMBIA - The Community Development Commission reviewed the Columbia City Council's decision to allocate an unexpected increase in funding to downtown sidewalk projects.

The Columbia City Council voted Monday to put $108,035 toward downtown sidewalk projects. In turn, the Community Development Commission reviewed that decision Wednesday evening.

Funding for these sidewalks comes from the city's Community Development Block Grant program. This year, the CDBG program received four times as much funding as usual, or about $140,000. The program's income is based on loan pay-offs and loan repayment, which typically generate about $35,000 a year.

Jeff Radmer is a member of the Community Development Commission. He said these funds could be used for a variety of projects.

"These are projects that are ongoing and are underway right now that that money could help push forward to get them done sooner, and even do a couple of intersections that we would not have been able to get done until later, because of these funds," he said.

The city will need to have a receipt for those projects by November 1.