Columbia outdoor pools to close after Labor Day

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COLUMBIA - Children left the pool at Macher Aquatic and Fitness with their heads hung low, knowing it could be the last time they might be there this year.

Columbia Park and Recreation's four outdoor aquatic facilities close for the season immediately after Labor Day. One boy's mother said he had been at the Macher Aquatic Center pool for four hours Sunday.

"We probably go here every single day of the summer," Andrew Rege said. "I think the only days we don't is if we're going somewhere or if it's a busy one."

Fourteen-year-old Will Doolady said he'll miss going to the outdoor pool every day as well and thinks it could even lead to less time outdoors.

"I think it's going to limit my time outside," Doolady said. "I think I'll still be outside a little bit, but yeah."

Parks and Recreation director Mike Griggs said the city's two indoor aquatic facilities will still be open. The pool schedules are available online at