Columbia Parking Meter Rates Change

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COLUMBIA - People who park in downtown or on the MU campus are about to pay more. The new parking meter rates will go into effect starting Friday, but the city's parking supervisor, Jim Settle, said they need at least a week to make changes on every parking meter.

Now the hourly charge for the parking maters are 30 cents in downtown, 50 cents in the campus zone, and 25 cents in the hourly spaces in the downtown garages.

Starting Friday, the new hourly parking meter rates will increase to 60 cents for downtown, 75 cents on campus and 50 cents in the downtown garages.

However, the increased parking fees don't bother some people as long as the city uses the money to build a better downtown.

Heidi Appel is a life scientist at MU. For her, higher parking fees reflect the true cost of transportation. And she thought the increase is reasonable.

The changes also include free parking in city garages on Saturdays. Appel believes that the increased fees will eventually benefit the residents if the City could build more garages free to the public and to have more people come down to support the local businesses.

But for students who drive their car to school everyday, the increased parking fees might not be an easy thing for them. Christopher Hutchens just graduated from MU. He said he hopes the University could have more parking options for students to reduce their financial burden.