Columbia Parks and Rec looking for comments

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COLUMBIA – Thursday, Columbia Parks and Recreation will be taking public comments on a $400,000 portion of the Gans Creek Recreation Area project.

This portion of the project deals with the concession stand and restrooms that would service the seven soccer fields on site.

“So if we have a tournament going on with all seven fields going, there are 20 people per team plus their families. If this thing is at full capacity, there is definitely a need for this kind of thing,” said the senior park planner, Toney Lowery.

There aren’t any restrooms on site at this point and Lowery said portable toilets have not been a preference in the past.

“No one wants to drive from St. Louis or Kansas City and have to use a portable toilet,” Lowery said.

Columbia Parks and Rec has received one comment via email about the concession stand that said there should be a place for food trucks instead of a concession stand.

Lowery added the working area in the concession stand is the same size as the one at the Atkins Baseball Complex.

“That is a really good size for our staff to be able to provide the kind of services that the public wants,” Lowery said.

Five of the seven soccer fields have been completed, but it’s a small portion of a bigger project.

“Long range plans are baseball fields, more shelters, more restrooms, and tennis courts,” Lowery said.

If everything goes well, Lowery said the comment process and submission to the city council should be complete at the end of May.

To submit a comment, head over to the A.R.C. between 5 and 7 p.m. or take the survey online.