Columbia Parks and Recreation Discusses Master Plan

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COLUMBIA- The Parks and Recreation Commission discussed ways to prevent crime and vandalism at their meeting Thursday.  The Commission says they are considering adding lights at some parks to cut down on vandalism.  Also, due to the recent spike in crime at Douglass Park, Parks and Rec is considering adding some cameras to the park to cut down on crime.  Commissioners say this is a highly debated issue because some people think these cameras would be an invasion of privacy. 

The commission also discussed numerous parts of their master plan at their meeting Thursday.  The commission is currently working on finalizing this 10 year plan. 

The plan includes planting trees and grass in different parks around town. The plan also includes adding bike repair stations along trails for cyclists to fill up tires and repair small bike problems.  The locations of these stations is not decided yet, but if they're a part of the finalized master plan the commission will decide specific locations.

 At the Maple Wood Barn Parks and Rec is recycling old tennis court light poles for theater lights. 

Lots of parts of this plan were in the 2002 master plan, but since they weren't funded ten years ago, the commission added them to this year's plan.