Columbia Parks and Recreation Holds Safety Event at Douglass Park

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COLUMBIA - After recent violence in the area, Columbia Parks and Recreation in trying to show the community Douglass Park is a safe environment for kids and families. A fun day was planned to prove this point.

Many organizations were invited to attend the event. The Columbia Police Department grilled hot dogs for the Douglass Park visitors.

"It's very important and vital that we have the community itself whether its organizations or individuals come out and utilize the parks for what they are for. There enjoyment, but safe enjoyment," said retired officer Mike Hayes.

For some the violence hits very close to home. Columbia resident Shadow Davis said she has younger siblings who have lost friends.

"Well I just want to know that kids don't have to be scared to talk to the older people. There are a lot of adults that are trying to help the teenagers. We can't help them if they are not talking to us," Davis said.

Another group that attended the event handed out tickets to high school students for a safe party. Columbia Parks and Recreation hopes to have more events like this one in the future.