Columbia Parks and Recreation to recommend hour changes

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COLUMBIA - After receiving feedback from local fishermen, Columbia Parks and Recreation is proposing a change in opening times at some local parks. 

Some residents said an opening time of six is too late for prime fishing, especially in Summer months when it's warmer.

One citizen e-mailed the department recently to give feedback on the hours. He said many anglers would prefer much earlier times and have to drive to state parks further away in order to take advantage of prime fishing time. 

In response to the e-mail, Parks and Recreation put together a proposal to adjust the hours of certain parks with designated fishing areas so local fishermen can access the lakes earlier. The department also looked at the hours of state parks when considering the earlier opening times. 

Some of the parks with new hours would be A. Perry Philips Park, Twin Lakes Recreation Center, Cosmo Park and Cosmo-Bethel Park. 

Parks and Recreation will present and recommend the proposed changes at a Park Commission meeting Thursday night.