Columbia places of worship adapt to coronavirus

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COLUMBIA - The Crossing has closed its doors for weekend services and meetings. The Sunday services will happen over live stream. The Crossing is the largest church in Columbia. It will re-evaluate the situation and decide if further gatherings will be online. 

"Meeting as a church in person together every Sunday is really important to us at The Crossing," said The Crossing's co-lead pastor Keith Simon. "But we also think it's important to love our neighbor, and we think the most loving thing we can do is to give up the right to meet together as a church this Sunday so that this virus spreads slower and it doesn't affect people who are vulnerable."

The Islamic Center also had to make changes to its' traditions. Every Friday the Muslim community gathers for Friday prayers at the center. For the first time ever since the mosque opened in 1983, gathering for Friday prayers has been cancelled. Some from the community highly resisted the cancellation, but the leadership at the center insisted it was the right thing to do to keep others safe. Members were highly encouraged to pray at home.

"It has been very heartbreaking for our community myself included to see that this weekly prayer is cancelled," Imam Shakir Hamoodi said.

If you have questions regarding whether your place of worship will be holding services this weekend, make sure to reach out to them.