Columbia Plans to Restore Brick Streets Over Two Decades

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COLUMBIA - Streets in downtown Columbia will be receiving a complete makeover in the next 20 years.

The Columbia City Council voted at Monday night's meeting to restore the city's already exposed brick streets and to uncover streets with brick underneath.

Over the next 20 years, the city plans to replace the unstable sand and gravel under Columbia's exposed brick streets with a solid and more stable concrete base.

After a successful demonstration project, funding may be allocated during each budget cycle to uncover the following prioritized list of covered brick streets:

1. Elm Street from Fifth Street east to Hitt Street
2. Cherry Street from Seventh Street east to Hitt Street
3. Eighth Street from Walnut Street south to Elm Street
4. Ninth Street from Walnut Street south to University Avenue
5. Walnut Street from Eighth Street east to St. Joseph Street
6. Broadway from Fourth Street east to Waugh Street

The Historic Preservation Commission proposed the ordinance and worked with council members to come to a decision.

The council made the decision to modify the ordinance to reflect the concerns from the Columbia Disabilities Commission.

The commission raised concerns stating the brick streets make it difficult for some people to navigate on the streets and sidewalks.