Columbia Police Department Transferred Canine Fano to Continue His Duty

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department announced in a media release Wednesday that it sold Canine Fano to another police department because he could be utilized as a working police dog.

The release said that the department's initial intention was to train another officer as a canine handler for Fano, and Fano was not sold to Rob Sanders due to liability concerns over Fano's previous training.

It also confirmed that Fano was sold for one dollar due to a City of Columbia finance rule regarding surplus.

Clarence Police Chief Raymond Barton said one dollar is only the transfer fee.

"I've wanted a dog for here, for this town. But it's a small town, there's little to no budget to purchase items like that. And I hear that Columbia PD had one that they weren't utilizing at the time," Barton said.

Barton said Fano's main purpose would be drug detection, and he would perform a final evaluation on the police dog to make sure it fits the Clarence Police Department.