Columbia Police Department Trying to Reduce Illegal Drivers

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COLUMBIA - Motorists in Columbia may have a short delay this week, as the Columbia Police Department will be conducting a safety checkpoint.

"The contacts will be very quick and brief," CPD Traffic Unit Supervisor Sgt. Curtis Perkins said.

People involved with the checkpoint will be asked to show their driver's license as well as proof of insurance.

CPD said in a statement released last week that suspended, revoked, unlicensed, and uninsured drivers continue to be a problem for the city.

Perkins said the checkpoint's main goal is to reduce the number of accidents caused by illegal drivers.

"The purpose of the safety checkpoint is to just make sure everyone's doing the things they should be doing," he said. "We see a lot of crashes that happen with people not having a valid license or having a suspended license."

Perkins also said that seatbelt checks will also be enforced.

The location and time of the checkpoint is not being released by the CPD, but Perkins said the location is not a random one.

"We pick an area where there's a large amount of traffic crashes that occur, crashes that involve serious injury," he said.

The event is funded by a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation Division of Highway Safety.